Before you shop


Buying new furniture can be a bit overwhelming and the fear of failure can be crippling when it comes to making decisions on that new living or dining set.  One

of the things we pride ourselves on at Homecrafters is that we are more interested in you enjoying your new furniture than we are in just selling you something.  To try and help avoid some of the pitfalls of buying new furnishings we thought we would put out a few tips this month to help make the whole shopping experience easier.


The motto of the Boy Scouts is “Be Prepared” and it’s a good motto for life in general but for furniture shopping it’s a great motto.  Before you hit the streets and spend your valuable time finding just the right pieces for that room doing a little prep work will save you a lot of time and frustration.  It helps to have the DUMBs.

  • Decor
  • Use
  • Measurements
  • Budget


The space you’re about to fill may already have a look you like and you want to kick it up a notch.  If that’s the case, take pictures and make a design collection of colors (pillows, paint samples, drawers, stain samples) that you can tote to the store so that you and your sales person can have something solid to go on when it comes to selecting 

the styles and colors that will work best in the room.



This one gets forgotten a lot and it’s really critical.  Take a few minutes to consider the room. What is this space going to be used for?  Who is going to be using it? How will 

they use it? If this is a family room area where everyone chills in front the TV you are probably going to go with a different seating style than you would in a more formal living room where you visit and entertain other adults.  Do you have pets that frequent this room? Does it get a lot of sunlight? What are the traffic patterns for this room? Is it connected directly to the outdoors? If it is then is tracking in debris from outside an issue? Jot down a few notes you can bring with you so that you don’t caught up in the moment and overlook a key use issue which might not work so well with the furniture you are looking at.


So many times people come in to purchase a sofa or dining table and they realize that there are an awful lot of sizes of sofas and dining tables and they really aren’t sure how big or small the piece or pieces they need to be.

Make a rough sketch of the shape of the room and then take your measurements and place them on the sketch.  Remember to include the measurements for doorways, windows, fireplaces, and any other non-moveable features of the room.  Don’t forget to include the location of any heat registers or baseboard heating units.

Why measure the whole room?  If you just know the dimension of the piece you want to replace you may miss out on the chance to benefit from rearranging the room.  Sometimes a little rearranging of the space can not only give it a whole new look but make traffic patterns better and allow you to fit in the seating you need where the old layout just didn’t allow for it.



Have a budget in mind.  We realize you don’t shop for furniture everyday and so you may not be sure how much you should spend that’s where the internet comes in.  You’ll notice we put prices on our products on our website because we want you to have an idea about what you can expect to spend. Browse the world wide web and see if you find a style and size that you like and note the pricing.  Please keep in mind when you gather your pricing information that you usually get what you pay and sometimes you get less. So when you see a $395 sofa that looks just like a $995 sofa, there’s usually a really good reason for that.


Now that you’ve gotten the DUMB stuff out of the way come on in and let’s see what we can do to help make your new furniture investment as fun and easy as possible.


As always work hard, play fair and keep close with loved ones.