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  • Accent Chair

    This Chair is 100% American made with some very cool options. If you love the way it looks and feels then take it home today. If you would like to customize it then just let us know because this company ships in 28 days!!! See you soon.
    $624.00 $562.00
  • Accent Chair

    WAIT, ARE WE SEEING DOUBLES?!?! Hahaha we’ll sort of. Yes there are two chairs that look the act same yet have a different price. Seems odd doesn’t it? Not with Dimensions Furniture. We have the ability to actually customize your seating preference from soft to firm and all in between. This chair has coil enhanced foam and a coil kit in the frame that helps give it a firmer sit. Only one way to understand what I mean...come on in and ask to see.
    $714.00 $614.00
  • Hybrid Reclining Chair

    Are normal recliners to tall for what you are looking for? Or maybe you’re looking for an accent chair but don’t have room for an ottoman. This piece is a perfect blend for any room. It’s traditional design will bring a touch of class to any home. This isn’t a chair for reclining but, you can still kick your feet up with a built in footrest. You gotta come see this in person.
    $1,284.00 $998.00
  • Manual Recliner

    $447.00 $426.00
  • Nailhead Trim Oversized Chair

    Country meets class with this elegant chair 1/2. The nailhead accents bring out the traditional look and adding to this incredibly well designed piece of furniture. Come check it out and take home with you today. The matching couch and loveseat will certainly catch your eye as well.
    $633.00 $597.00
  • Traditional Accent Chair

    I can’t speak for the man but, I believe Dr. Phil would absolutely recommend this chair for a person’s well-being. 🤓 The traditional look, comfortable sit and touch of class that it brings is perfect for any home, office or waiting room. Want your guests feeling important and sophisticated? Then look no further because this chair is sure to bring out the class in everyone. Bring a newspaper, pull up a seat in this chair and we’ll provide you with a coffee to enjoy while you try it out. Have a great day! See you soon
    $312.00 $248.00
  • Velocity Power Rocker Recliner

    The VELOCITY is not only a REALLY COOL name but, it is also one of my personal favorites among recliners in the store. It is designed for comfort, class and durability. You haven’t truly lived until you’ve seen and experienced the Velocity in person. We have two of these beauties left and they are both on sale. Hope to see you soon.😆😆😉
    $985.00 $926.00