• Accent Chair

    WAIT, ARE WE SEEING DOUBLES?!?! Hahaha we’ll sort of. Yes there are two chairs that look the act same yet have a different price. Seems odd doesn’t it? Not with Dimensions Furniture. We have the ability to actually customize your seating preference from soft to firm and all in between. This chair has coil enhanced foam and a coil kit in the frame that helps give it a firmer sit. Only one way to understand what I mean...come on in and ask to see.
    $714.00 $587.00
  • Power Recline and Headrest Console Loveseat

    Perfect for a home theatre setting in ANY home. The sleek look and design of this piece is sure to make you feel confident as you walk into the room and see it where that old/stuffy couch used to sit. The recliner and sofa are on sale as well. Come buy the set at an incredible price and leave here happy happy happy today.
    $1,884.00 $1,676.00
  • Power Recline and Headrest Sofa

    Your guests are sure to compliment your family room when they kick back on this furniture to watch a movie or get ready for family fun game night. This is not leather but, it carries the same great look and feel. This piece is easy to clean, durable and will last you longer than you’ll be expecting. Come take a peek today.
    $1,884.00 $1,676.00
  • 5 Piece Adjustable Dining Set

    This is a super fun set that can adjust from a standard dining height to counter height with just a few spins. It’s not your traditional dining table but, not everyone wants traditional. This table will accent well in your game room or family room and it’s fitting for ALL ages. Come take a spin through our store and check out this INCREDIBLE savings.
    $973.00 $397.00
  • Pillow Arm Sofa

    Do you have an extra half hour for lunch today? Come take a nap on this sofa and we promise to wake you up. No need to bring a pillow, this sofa has the comfiest pillow arms around. At an incredible price this could be in your home tomorrow.
    $494.00 $417.00
  • Pillow Arm Loveseat

    You can’t beat the price on a loveseat like this one. It is comfortable and stylish for any home. Come take a looksie at this piece, fall in love, then take it home with you TODAY! We’ll see you soon.
    $454.00 $385.00
  • Hybrid Reclining Sofa

    Where’s Waldo? Well... I truly don’t know but, I bet if he was here he would be kicked back on this sofa with a pipe and a monocle?😂 Seriously though, this is the perfect addition to a living room that is built for entertaining guests who have that extra touch of class. This is not a piece of furniture that you’ll see in just any home. Come check it out. See you soon.
    $1,897.00 $1,174.00
  • Hybrid Reclining Chair

    Are normal recliners to tall for what you are looking for? Or maybe you’re looking for an accent chair but don’t have room for an ottoman. This piece is a perfect blend for any room. It’s traditional design will bring a touch of class to any home. This isn’t a chair for reclining but, you can still kick your feet up with a built in footrest. You gotta come see this in person.
    $1,284.00 $794.00
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  • Track Arm Loveseat w/Padded Arms

    Designed for comfort and good looks. Fresh look, clean styling.  American made loveseat with beautifully tailored track arms and padded sides.  This transitional sofa with loose pillow back and flippable seat cushions can be ordered in over 250 covers with a huge variety of accent cover options for the feather accent pillows.
    $814.00 $688.00